Il Poggiarello | Tortelli con la coda (typical Piacenza pasta)
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Tortelli con la coda (typical Piacenza pasta)


For the pasta: 400g white flour, 2 eggs, salt. For the filling: 300g spinach, 40g grana piacentino cheese, 200g ricotta, egg, nutmeg, salt. For the dressing: A knob of butter, a few leaves of sage, grated cheese.


Place the flour in the table and form a well in the centre for the egg, salt and a little water. Mix. Roll out a thin layer, divide it into slices approximately eight cm wide and form squares measuring 4 cm on each side; place a teaspoonful of the filling in each, prepared as follows: boil the spinach, drain it, squeeze out the excess water and dice using a mezzaluna knife. Mix it all with the egg, ricotta, cheese and a little nutmeg. Fold the pasta so as to close the tortello forming a triangle shape and then turn over the two corners and form a plait, or rather two tight, narrow tails, curling them between the thumb, middle finger and index finger. Cook the tortelli in boiling, salted water. Drain the tortelli in a ceramic soup tureen and pour the melted butter over the top, together with the sage and a large pinch of grated grana piacentino cheese.


Malvasia Emilia IGT Perticato Beatrice Quadri. This wine offers perfect aromatic affinity with the filling of the tortelli. The herby hint recalls the aromas of sage and spinach in the dish.