Il Poggiarello | The Spagos
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The Spagos

The idea behind the Spago stems from the desire to exalt the two wines typical of Piacenza: the Gutturnio and the Ortrugo. The Gutturnio is the result of the union of Barbera and Bonarda; its name derives from a silver jug called the “Gutturnium”, holding approximately two litres, found in Veleia Romana in 1878 and which used to be used by the ancient Romans to drink wine. The Ortrugo, a native vine of Piacenza, owes its name to the expression “altruga”, a dialect term that means the “other grape”. In fact, it was different from the most known grapes at the time and it was mainly used as complementary grape. These wines are best savoured in their sparkling versions. The reason is simple: the territory’s culinary traditions require a fresh, “cleansing” accompaniment that is sparkling and cuts through the fat. So what is the best accompaniment to a plate of Piacenza cured meats? A sparkling Ortrugo served cool! Although sparkling wine is difficult to appreciate, we have decided to showcase two of our representation products, and thus the “spago” wines were born: Gutturnio and Ortrugo are therefore shown in their official role of tradition. A short, low bottle and, most importantly, the cork is closed with twine (“spago” in Italian). The cork with the twine has a meaning: tradition has it, in fact, that once bottled, wine undergoes a second fermentation and thus enjoys a new life. Thus, therefore, with the spring moon, the sweetness is overlaid by a clear hint of acidity.