Il Poggiarello | Pisarei e fasò (Pasta with beans)
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Pisarei e fasò (Pasta with beans)


For the pasta: 500g flour, 150g dried, grated bread, water. For the sauce: 400g dried beans (they should be soaked in water for about a day), an onion, a carrot and a piece of celery, all diced, 250g sieved tomato, a luganega sausage, a spoonful of beaten lard (grass pist), olive oil and grana cheese.


Pour the bread into a bowl and cook lightly with a little hot water. Mix with the flour until obtaining a fairly soft dough. Pull off portions about the size of a lemon from it and manually form snake-like strips. Now cut off smallish dabs, dust them with flour and crush them one by one, using the thumb, to obtain the shape of a gnocchetto. Fry the diced vegetables with the pieces of sausage in the oil and lard and then add the drained beans and cook on a low heat for at least an hour. Now add the sieved tomato and continue cooking until the sauce has reduced down. If the sauce dries out too much, add some hot, salted water. Cook the pisarei in boiling water. When they float to the top, drain them taking care to ensure that they remain humid (in dialect: basòtt) and dress in a soup tureen with plenty of the sauce prepared.


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