Il Poggiarello | The Company
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The Company

Nature and the environment have given our company land with a considerable vocation to wine-making. Nothing could better drive the passion that has now tied us to wine for four generations, when in 1980 we took over the company in complete deterioration. The visitor can admire the central block of the building, which hosts the tavern and cellars, a rustic constructing dating back to the mid-1800s, adapted with masterful maintenance work. From the old portico that faces out over a cool garden and overlooking terrace, an enchanting view opens up over Piacenza and the castles surrounding the Statto plains. The spirit that animates us is, in fact, that of guaranteeing each bottle individual care and history. In just a few years, this has allowed us to achieve a qualified presence on both Italian and export markets, strengthened by prestigious mentions and numerous international awards. The company has also adopted the philosophy that inspired the establishment of the Wine Tourism Movement, to which it has adhered since it was first established: our guests are our friends and advisors.

The Spagos

The idea behind the Spago stems from the desire to exalt the two wines typical of Piacenza: the Gutturnio and the Ortrugo. The Gutturnio is the result of the union of Barbera and Bonard.

Handing over to the sommellier

“I like to think of wine as a woman, an accomplice, friend, lover, companion or bride and antagonist and protagonist, sinuous and sparkling, frothy, velvety and smooth in living life, life and passion that for some are wine and wine alone.” Discover the I Poggiarello wines described by our sommelier, Fabio Boni…

The best match

The best way to fully understand a wine is to match it perfectly with a dish that complements it. We would therefore like to suggest a series of recipes, from the Piacenza tradition and beyond, to be enjoyed together with a good glass of one of our wines.